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Life – Adventures

Unfortunately this game isn’t available to rent. But you can still come in and play it at King Me.

The Game of Life: Adventures Card Game is a card game following the same classic-remake series as Monopoly Deal Card Game and Sorry! Revenge Card Game, but is different from The Game of Life: Card Game in 2002. This game is simple and quick for families. Cards are divided into four decks by category. You collect points by displaying cards in front of you. Each turn you must play/discard one card and refill hand. Game ends when six out of eight 10-year cards are drawn.

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Your life really is in your hands. Make your Life Story bigger and better than your opponents’ with Adventure, Career, Family and Wealth cards.

Always wanted to swim with dolphins? Now’s your chance! How about becoming a jet pilot? Do it! Every new experience means more points, and more points means victory!

It’s your Life Story – make it a big deal!

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2-4 Players

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