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Borders of Kanta

The Realm of Kanta is reopening borders after a mysterious calamity struck the land. Clans now compete to rebuild their wealth by claiming the lands they lost.

The new economy revolves around small chains of allied states. Each clan sends its own envoys to claim states, opening borders in the process. Once a ring of six states share open borders, wealth comes to participating clans. Neighboring allies also help one another to suppress uprisings started by competing clans.

How to Play (2-6 Player Version):
Each player selects one of eight role cards that identifies their clan and its unique strengths. Your goal is to finish the game as the wealthiest in this new era. The game is played on a board showing a bird’s eye view of the realm of Kanta, overlaid by a hexagonal grid representing the realm’s states.

Every player gets the same number of hexagon tiles to start (anywhere from 8-20 depending on the number of players and the desired game length). Each of these “council tiles” identifies your clan and represents a group of six of its members. As leader, you send these councils out to reclaim states by placing one tile per turn.

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1-6 Players

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