Board Games are about spending time with friends.

Now King Me Memberships are too!

Free Admissions Every Visit

Free admission for yourself and a friend every time you visit King Me!

10% off Almost Anything

10% off regular priced Food, Drinks, Snacks, Retail Games, and Merch!

Free Game Rentals

Free boardgame rentals so you can try new games at home!

Members get all the perks!

Boardgames aren't any fun by yourself and that doesn't change at King Me. Even with our selection of over 600 boardgames, they aren't any fun to play alone. That's why we've added a second free admission to all our memberships!

1 free admission for you and 1 free admission for a friend! (Perfect for Date Nights)

Not only are there 2 admissions per visit now, we've also added more member discounts that you can share with your friends!

Instead of just getting 10% off regular priced retail games. Members now get 10% off regular priced retail games, merch, food, snacks & drinks for themselves and everyone at their table!

10% off most regular priced items for you and your table!

Spice up Games Night with Hundreds of New Games!

Game nights can be a little bland when you're limited to the overplayed games on your own shelf. Why not give yourself FREE access to over 400 boardgames to rent and play with your friends and family at home.

All King Me Members can enjoy FREE 1 week boardgame rentals from our extended selection of 'Members Only' games!

Reserve the games you want in our online library and we'll let you know when they're ready, either play at King Me or to take home as a rental.


(Valued at $400+ per month)




All the Perks | Cancel anytime

  • Free Admissions for  you and a Friend
  • 10% off all regular priced Games, Food, Drinks, Snacks, and Merch
  • Free Boardgame Rentals





All the Perks | Get 2 months free

  • Free Admissions for  you and a Friend
  • 10% off all regular priced Games, Food, Drinks, Snacks, and Merch
  • Free Boardgame Rentals
  • 2 Months FREE

* Plus GST

Customer stories

Super inviting atmosphere. Staff members are always super friendly and the food is always delicious! 
Great little place with a good game selection, excellent coffee and very reasonable rates!
Excellent selection of games, good drinks and a fun atmosphere with extremely friendly staff!

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Monthly Membership

$29.95 + Taxes / Month

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$299.50 + Taxes / Year

Frequently Asked  Questions

How do the Free Admissions Work?

Every time you visit the cafe, instead of being charged an admission to play boardgames you and one friend can play for FREE

You can receive a maximum of 2 free admissions (one for you, one for a friend) per day (measured 6am-6am)

How do Game Rentals Work?

Hundreds of boardgames in our library are available for rental for $7 or $14 per week. As a member you can rent any of our boardgames without paying the rental rate and you'll have access to dozens of additional 'members only' games.

Members will still need to pay the damage deposit for their rental games which is refunded in full when games are returned in good condition.

Can I use my Discounts Online?

Unfortunately members cannot currently use their discounts online. We're working on integrating our membership system with our online store but in the meantime members discounts are only available in person at King Me.

I have an existing Membership. Will I get the new benefits?

Unfortunately no, your existing membership will not give you the new benefits.

However, you can send us an email and we can discuss pro-rating your existing membership into new membership before your renewal date arrives.

How Can I Cancel my Membership?

If you want to cancel your membership you are able to do so either through the subscription email, or by calling or emailing us directly and your membership will remain active until the next renewal date at which point it will be deactivated.


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