Saskatoon's Premiere Boardgame Cafe

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Too Much Time Online.

You've spent enough time online and apart this year.

You tried Zoom and Skype and Facebook and Discord to try and stay connect to our friends and family but it's never quite the same. You've learned that virtual meetings can't replace the real thing.

That's why we're so excited to be able to provide a space in Saskatoon that helps to bring people of all ages together!

Families. Friends. Couples. Children. Students. Grandparents.

No matter you age, we know that we can help you find a board game you can enjoy. Add in some coffee, snacks, and a milkshake and you're well on your way to a lovely evening of reconnecting with friends and family!

Play Board Games

All-You-Can-Play Board Games for $7 per person. Just walk-in or make a reservation!

Rent Board Games

Stay home and rent one of our 400 available games to play at home with your family and friends!

Buy Board Games

Build your collection with hundreds of retail games for sale! Check out the selection at King Me, or online through Mr. Dice Guy.

Find Your New Favourite Board Game

Take our quiz and get a game recommendation for your next visit to King Me!

**NOTICE** Proof of Vaccination is now REQUIRED for everyone over 12 years old playing games at King Me.